Our Masters

Our Masters

Guru Dharma

Guru Dharma is a priest. Through God guidance, He has a deep and clear intuition. One of his main roles is to give guidance on the spiritual development and helping people in the awakening process to find journey and to set best practice in their daily life.


His passion, wisdom and excellence in making metaphor in giving advice is one of the best in its kind.

Guru Putra Markandeya

Guru Putra Markandeya is a priest embodying spiritual heavenly energy of wisdom and life management. He is capable in defining life, diagnosing process required, able to give direction and guidance which need to be taken in spiritual development.

Jro Gede Macailing Napak Sakti

Jro Gede is a Balinese Hindu priest who used to work in hospitality world.


He is capable in giving intuitive reading, healing, and giving guidance to develop spiritual life in general.


Specifically, he is well known capable in embodying Heavenly energy and other Bali ancestral energy, which useful to support many kinds of roles in life.

Nyi Kedaton Mandailing

Nyi Kedaton is one of the descendants of the Bangkalan Madura Kingdom, which is well known in the spiritual world, with the help of Her Ancestral energy and other deities, she is capable in giving intuitive reading, reading the past life, healing, and any other spiritual services. 


She has close relations with King and Queen throughout Indonesia

Jro Suka Semadi

Jro Suka is a young priest who performs traditional Balinese healing services according to the teachings of his ancestors which have been passed down from generation to generation. 


He performs in leading traditional Balinese Hindu ceremony, and traditional Balinese healing services (usada)

Jro Putri Malangka Kutri Siddhi

Jro Kutri is a priestess, and also active as a lecturer at one of the Hindu University in Bali. She is gifted and has a deep bond with her ancestor and heavenly energy. Jro Kutri is very good in reading past life, related to Karma in the previous life, to find a guidance to know the path, and also could help to heal any spiritual challenges or illness.

Jro Ratna Gni Suci

Jro Ratna is a Balinese Priestess who is embodying many characters of energy and dedicated to give service in a form of giving guidance and direction in life through channeling.

Jro Ratni

Jero Ratni is a certified yoga teacher/ yogini, who teaches Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, pre-natal yoga & Yoga Nidra. She is also a certified hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner. She shares the yogi way of life through yoga, meditation, spiritual counseling, cognitive alignment treatment, chakra balancing, and Tibetan singing bowl.

Jro Danu Amerta Siddhi

Jro Danu is a priestess and gifted intuitive reader who dedicate herself to align with the universe and ancestor energy, to read and provide guidance that could help you when facing challenges or feeling stuck in your career, relationship, health, financial, and spiritual development. 


Jro Danu specialize with tarot reading, oracle reading, palm reading, energy reading, and general healing.


Azura Wiki Yin Long

Azura is a spiritual psychotherapist, trauma specialist, intuitive and transformational coach who guides Light working souls into next levels of leadership and impact. 


From traditional transpersonal therapy, to shamanic and galactic practices that utilize breathwork, Kundalini, and meditation – Azura has spent many years learning what it means to heal and experience a life beyond limits.Azura is deeply dedicated to being in service for the rise of the consciousness in our world today.

Putri Azriel Akhasic

Azriel is deeply connected to the Spirit of Archangel Gabriel & the Sacred Akashic knowledge of the Egyptian Goddess ISIS – the Goddess of Sex Magic and Love Making, as a devotional prayer to serve the universe, and provide healing to others. Azriel is dedicated to sharing the ancient wisdom and spiritual abilities of her soul to help others accelerate their spiritual development. 

Jagra Vadra Prana

He mastered a Vedic meditation technique that he practiced for 5 years. Jagra dedicate to share and deliver what he pursued, all kind of yogic practices and austerities; such as meditation, extensive detoxification protocols, fasting, plant medicines, dark-room meditations, kundalini yoga, breath work and the alike.

Gaia Kaia Virda

Gaia was awakened spiritually in Bali and join Bali Spiritual Community. Under the guidance of her Guru, she has been gifted with the ability to heal, activate, and channel souls who are ready for the next stage of their evolution. 


Gaia has a strong connection to the Goddess Saraswati, who represents wisdom and teachings for those seeking truth. Through this connection, she is able to share the knowledge and wisdom received from above. Gaia is deeply devoted to the values of truth, beauty, connection, expression, and love, and works to help others recognize these qualities within themselves so they can live more purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Alina Inanna Jothi

Alina is embodying the goddess of Love (Venus). She is giving in transferring love energy which is very useful to give balance and wisdom for those who will dry in their heart.