Donation shortcodes

Church We Believe was born in 1975. Seventeen denominations came together to form an agency “to do in partnership what none of us could hope to do as well alone.” The mission: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, comfort the aged, shelter the homeless.


test form:

[give_form id=”387″ show_title=”true” show_goal=”true” show_content=”above” display_style=”button”]

Variation 1 – standard:

[give_form id=”387″ show_content=”none”]

Variation 2 – goal:

[give_goal id=”379″ show_text=”true” show_bar=”true”]

Variation 3 – modal:

[give_form id=”388″ display_style=”modal” show_content=”none”]

Variation 4 – reveal:

[give_form id=”383″ display_style=”reveal” show_content=”none”]

Variation 5 – button:

[give_form id=”383″ display_style=”button” show_content=”none”]

Variation 6 – with description:

[give_form id=”388″]

Variation 7 – without goal and title:

[give_form id=”388″ show_title=”false” show_goal=”false”]