Echo of Peace Stake Holder


Echo of Peace Stake Holder


Mirah Delima Institute take a part at Echo of Peace (Gema Perdamaian) annual program as one echo of peace stake holders. We are all understand that peace is all human desire, regardless their religion, faith, ethnic, and wherever their origin are.  Peace gives us freedom and happiness, but today what happens in the society is that the peace and freedom is limited by the freedom of other party.

So thus with democratization that luster lately which is euphoric often causes disorder, so peaceful becomes a more expensive paradigm.  Therefore, effort to remind peacefulness or real effort towards peacefulness by all parties with various approaches should be done.  Thus, it needs to refresh our mind that the sense of love is the sense that comes along with peace that needs to be always maintained so it can be a basic of open minded and tolerance in social life.

Metaphysically and spiritually, we understand that prayers we made in group and together regardless the color, origin, and religion/faith will cause extraordinary effect.  The vibration wave of the prayer’s power will have long time impact which is kept in cosmic world, balancing the negative vibration that was created by negative human’s thoughts so it will create more harmonious life.

Routine event of Echo of Peace is one of method or approach to unite all stakeholders’ efforts in the effort of peace beside to get used to see and have dynamical in differences.  This event have been held since 2003 after some humanity disasters in the world that stamp the awareness to have effort in avoiding similar incident to occur again in the future.

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