Our Masters

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Ida Rsi Wisesanatha is a High Priest and the founder of Forum Studi Majapahit (www.forumstudimajapahit.com). He provides the inspiration, knowledge and guiding principles that underpin the organisation and the Master healers at the Mirah Delima Institute.

Ida Rsi Wisesanatha is a highly respected advisor consulting with government, industry, education and the private sector, dedicated to promoting cultural and spiritual values within Indonesia and through broader international links. Those with professional and cultural bodies, such as the Echo of Peace interfaith event held in Bali annually (www.gemaperdamaian.com).

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Supporting our inspiring High Priest Ida Rsi Wisesanatha, Priests and Master Bali Healers, MDI has a well-trained and enthusiastic administration and support team. We are deeply committed to ensuring every client has an authentic and awe-inspiring personal journey. It is our pleasure to uncover the secrets of sacred Balinese ritual, retreats and healing practices to share with spiritual aspirants and those seeking holistic & integrated healing support.

Our staff and many of our clients regularly study and practice yoga, meditation and receive natural therapies. In our opinion, these practices deeply support us all on our journey. To further develop a greater depth of proficiency, and to experience genuine Balinese healing and spiritual traditions, there is no substitute for a qualified Master Bali Healers. Our Spiritual Masters and Healers have dedicated themselves to support visitors in developing their self-realization by connecting people with their true soul essence and guiding them on their inner journey.

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Our Masters Bali Healers will guide you with compassion, sensitivity and care to ensure you are well equipped to journey forward on your path by connecting to traditional Balinese practices and the deeply potent energies that are available here. To ensure your program/treatment is consolidated and to answer any further questions, a debrief (discussion) with your practitioner is provided after the session.

Understanding that visitors are busy and may have time limitations, where possible we will endeavor to co-ordinate our services to meet your time frames and preferred location. You may wish to attend a weekly yoga or meditation class, join an existing group where available, or develop a specific program tailored to your needs.

Your initial enquiry will be forwarded to the most appropriate Master for consideration and a suggestion for the appropriate consultation based on your enquiry can be advised and booked through our enquiry page.

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