Intuitive Consultation

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Our life and future can be everything we often dream about and hope it will be. Dreams can and do come true; we need to know the path, uncover any blocks and follow the life direction that will naturally lead us to our desired outcome. An Intuitive Consultation with our Masters may include a traditional CEKI reading &/or palmistry, intuitive channeling and connecting with the Ancestors.

In our experience, everyone has something in their lives that may need support and clarification. Sometimes it may seem there is no solution to be found, or the way forward is unclear. No matter what is troubling us, a traditional Balinese Intuitive Consultation can help us discover our strengths and design an approach to overcome stress, negative beliefs and blocks that hinder our progress.


Our Specialist Masters provide a range of intuitive consultation techniques that will assist you to uncover the path forward and support you to dis-cover ways to reach your goals. Through an intuitive consultation, specific insight can be provided for our big ‘life questions’:

  • Spiritual direction and finding a way forward
  • Guidance on our Taksu; our life’s purpose and the gifted powers we are born with
  • Connecting to the Ancestors (personal &/or community), for their guidance and support

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CEKI is a traditional card game played in mostly Southeast Asia and across Indonesia.  In Bali, CEKI is usually played as an entertainment during a traditional event.

Our CEKI Masters have extensive experience in translating traditional CEKI card meanings and applying these with relevance to your life circumstances; incorporating clairvoyance and intuitive wisdom to answer your questions and help provide a key to unlocking the door to your forward direction and success. Our CEKI Masters can provide guidance to help you make informed decisions about goals and dreams. This guidance can provide an interesting perspective for your journey forward and answer foundational questions you were unaware of on a conscious level.

Mandala Consultation

A Mandala Consultation with our Masters can assist with healing on many levels. The Master will intuitively assess what is needed and prepare a personalised mandala which assists the transfer of healing energy to the client. It can be designed for both short-term and long-term treatment.

Finding the lesson behind our troubling circumstances is often the key to moving forward.  Our CEKI Masters are available for readings on life predictions, discovering strengths and overcoming limitations, and providing options for a way forward through difficulties.

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