Ida Rsi Acharya Waisnawa Agni Budha Wisesanatha (Bali High Priest) is a sociable and modern priest. Ida Rsi became involved in the spiritual world through his work as a meditator in 1981. By 2000, he was deeply connected and guided by nature (the Great Spirit of Bali), holy spirits, and Gods.

Ida Rsi Wisesanatha is the High Priest, Leader and Spiritual Master of the ‘Forum Studi Majapahit’ since 2003.  His guidance supports his students who are passionate in serving the people, restoring the spirit of Dharma, and helping people find their way to enlightenment.

Prior to his appointment as High Priest, Ida Rsi started his professional career in a junior role within the hospitality industry, successfully working his way to the top of his profession as President Director of a Hotel Management company.

He continues his role as mentor for several younger leaders of the next generation, inspiring them to be their best selves through growth and challenge.

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