Jro Perwira is a Balinese Healer and a Karate athlete. Since completing elementary school in 1986, he has been constantly active in social, spiritual, and tourism activities.

Jro Perwira passionately supports Dharma – that which upholds the natural order of the Universe. He works to support a better quality of life for all people through his activities. Jro Perwira also manages a large team as General Manager at a 5 Star Resort in Nusa Dua.

Jro Perwira is deeply connected to the Spirit of Sang Hyang Hanuman; a central character in the epic Hindu Ramayana, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

Sang Hyang Hanuman symbolizes strength, dynamic energy, natural charisma, loyalty and devotion.

Undertaking many challenges and personal journeys in his life, Jro Perwira has gained a deeper understanding of the Spirit of Bali and translating these ‘secrets of life’ or potent energies through his spiritual practice. He is dedicated to serving all people and uses his deep connection with Sang Hyang Hanuman as the foundation for this service.