Jro Sri Asih is an Australian living in Bali. She is the Master Co-ordinator with Mirah Delima Institute and facilitates visitor support and liaison to understand visitor expectations and to ensure you receive the experience you are seeking.

As a qualified Shen Therapist, Jro Sri Asih supports clients to integrate energy and balance chakra. She also has an interest in palliative and aged care to assist clients with these major life transitions.

Jro Sri Asih has traveled through Bali to explore traditional Balinese ceremony and spiritual practices in daily life. She can interpret information on spiritual journeys and design take home practices that will help you integrate your experiences in Bali as you return to your home country and daily life.

Working to support visitors on their own journey in Bali with Mirah Delima High Priests, Masters and the Journey Team is her absolute passion & privilege; knowing the support and care you receive will be relevant, authentic and of great value on your journey.