Jro Wiwik Suryani is a skilled Master with a natural talent for intuitive healing, fortune reading and connecting with her clients across a range of spiritual and intuitive levels.

Jro Wiwik Suryani commenced training for her metaphysical talents at a very young age (at three and a half years old) and has developed her skills through study and initiation with Forum Studi Majapahit to find her true self-identity to be a traditional Balinese spiritual healer and to be of service to others.

As a woman now in her early thirties, Wiwik has gained great respect through supporting clients to release unwanted patterns and influences from their lives, and managing complex issues that may not have been addressed by other methods. Wiwik is both soft-hearted and firm in her approach and works with compassion and understanding.

Also working in the hospitality industry, Wiwik is a valued member of the Mirah Delima team and dedicates her time to be of service to those seeking spiritual guidance and healing for a happier life and contributing to a better world for all.