As Mirah Delima’s Vice Grand Master, Prabhu Ram has extensive experience in yoga, meditation, Prana diagnosis and healing. In his mid-fifties, (‘but looking much younger than his age!’), he has developed his interest in both traditional Balinese and contemporary spiritual practices since he was nine, studying with both traditional Balinese and contemporary healing Masters.

Prabhu Ram is also a socio-economics agricultural scholar and social activist, and has worked in tourism and day trading. Maintaining his focus on spiritual and ashram activities, he is deeply committed to his role as a healer and spiritual counselor.

Connecting with Bali’s natural forces and the Spirit of Bali, Prabu Ram is highly intuitive and sensitive to his client’s condition and what is required for their healing and rebalancing; either through spiritual healing, chakra balancing or intuitive energy and journey work.

As an integral member of the Mirah Delima team, Prabhu Ram is extremely knowledgeable about Balinese customs and ceremony and is always happy to share this knowledge and understanding.

More information about his activities visit our page “Forum Studi Majapahit