Virgi Chang was born on the island of Sumatra within a Muslim family, studying religious and disciplinary knowledge within the Pesantren system (Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia). She moved to Bali in 2010, pursing meditation, yoga, spiritual studies and healing.

Working as a Healer since 2012, Virgi is highly intuitive and through consultation, brings empathy, humor and grace through her connection to the great Mother; she is deeply committed to supporting women through their many challenges with her compassion, intuition and humor.

Inspired spiritually, Virgi Chang wrote a novel about a past life in Indonesia. Her novel entitled ‘Singgasana Antartika’ was published in 2015 and helps people connect to their own sense of spiritual identity. As she has been guided,  Virgi is writing a further work based on spiritual intuition.

As Master Healer, Intuitive and Life Consultant, Virgi Chang has a strong commitment to empowering and motivating all who come to her to ‘rise up’ and fight for their spirituality in this life.

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