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Meditation helps you to achieve clarity and provides access to healing and insight. It offers techniques that encourage and develop your concentration, focus, emotional positivity, and a calm mind to reflect on the true nature of things. It is a means of transforming the mind; a way of life – to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind, and to heal. It is an ancient path to wisdom.

Undertaking meditation with our Masters is an opportunity to deeply connect to Self and to access deeper states of consciousness by connecting to the Bali Spirit; a potent energy that pervades all. Meditation can be undertaken at the Institute, or at various sites across Bali depending on the energy work required.

Traditional Balinese meditation is also a way to facilitate the transfer of the power of nature – the great Spirit of Bali, from high energy and sacred sites.

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A regular meditation program has been developed in consultation with our Masters. It includes breath work, mindfulness and accessing energy from nature and our environment. Participants can direct this flow towards self-healing and to support issues of concern*.

Our Meditation Masters hold a regular weekly meditation program at the Mirah Dilema Institute located within the “Desa Di Bali Villas” complex near Seminyak. Meditation commences at 06:00 AM and is generally 60 minutes duration, including a brief prayer to close the session and a de-brief with the Meditation Master after the program to answer any question.

As we are limited to a maximum 20 people per session, we request you contact us for registration. We can also tailor individual and group programs that are developed on request.

We suggest comfortable, relaxed clothing and feel free to bring your own meditation mat or cushion.

*We will remind our clients to ‘let go’ their own meditation technique during the meditation practice, to fully experience this moment and the Bali Spirit way of meditation*.

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An individual treatment or advanced program can be developed in consultation with our Meditation Masters for those more experienced meditators seeking to expand their awareness though Master initiation and energy transfer. This work is suitable for those participants committed to regular meditation practices & those seeking to activate specific qualities through Master activation at specific sites. It may include linking to the ancestors or spirit guides at a specific site or temple, receiving messages and any rituals or actions to take following consultation.

This work can be deeply transformational when we feel a particular calling to a place (such as a temple or deity) or seek to move forward with guidance in our spiritual life.

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