About us

Mirah Delima Institute is a foundation which has vision and mission to serve and work for socials & cultural development, environments, and education more specific in spiritual development, to create a better quality of life in the world.

MD Spiritual Journey is a division of the Mirah Delima Institute Foundation which focuses on Spirit-based learning & service.

Life is a long process that starts from light and return to become light; we call Moksa or Going to Nirwana. It is necessary to have ample energy to support the light to keep shining. Therefor to be able to have ample energy in life, it is a necessity to have a proper and proportional life management.

To support and help the community, one of the MD Spiritual Journey to offer personal and group coaching, training, retreat, pilgrimage, or any kind of approaches or activities to give clearer understanding and also to support the awakening process of the world which happening vastly at present.