About us

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Mirah Delima Institute offers Bali Spiritual Healing and other Bali Retreats programs that have been developed in consultation with traditional Balinese master healers. We provide an integrated system of natural and holistic healing. This approach provides optimal conditions for your internal healing force to activate, and with assistance from our Masters, integrate healing across the physical, emotional and spiritual transitions. Our Bali Retreats programs are specifically tailored to meet individual client needs, resulting in a targeted approach which is both simple and profound. We have created the best Bali Retreats packages.

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Before we take actions to your inquiry, our masters will observe by asking some questions. This is aimed to give you the right treatment, journeys and programs to meet your needs and expectations. We provide a basic menu of options and packages for your easy references… read more…

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Yoga Asanas is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform the body and mind. It also reflects the union between the individual consciousness or soul within the Universal Consciousness or Spirit… read more…

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Meditation helps you to achieve clarity and provides access to healing and insight. It offers techniques that encourage and develop your concentration, focus, emotional positivity, and a calm mind to reflect on the true nature of things…. read more….

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Initiating Chakra refer to the energetic system of vibrational frequencies that connect us as subtle bodies to the natural forces that abound in Bali. Our individual chakras respond to the high frequencies that are found in Bali, and can be supported to further align to ones higher purpose and wellbeing through activation and alignment by a Master skilled in Chakra work… read more…

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Our Master Healers work with you to transform emotional blocks, clear limiting patterns and beliefs, and work to address ailments and integrate your healing capability through the body-mind-spirit layers and deep into the cellular level… read more…

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Sacred Purification Ritual”]

This unique spiritual journey will guide you through a genuine purification healing ritual and will help explain this deeply symbolic experience. Many report this as their foundational Balinese experience; a significant journey which positively influences long after the event… read more…

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Taking a Spiritual Journey can be a sacred contract with your soul; to visit a sacred place that holds special meaning or has a specific message to convey. You may be called to Bali for this specific reason, to access and activate specific energies available at sites that call your spirit as it continues along its journey… read more…

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Our masters at MDI can be a catalyst to help motivate people, unravel complex issues and blockages, empower a sense of authenticity and address problems that may be experienced in daily life. Our masters have a great deal of experience in spiritual evolution, so they understand how to enable this development with our clients… read more….


At Mirah Delima Insitute (MDI), we recognize that optimal wellness comes from embracing and respecting the body, mind and spirit. Health and following a self-realization path are reflections of the love, authenticity and harmony within you. We invite you to embark upon a spiritual journey with us and explore new ways to cultivate peace. Furthermore strengthen your inner healing power and deepen your connection with others through the Spirit that is accessible to all who come with sincerity.

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With an increase in tourism and spiritual seekers to Bali, there are many who claim to be healers and who approach their services without specialist skills or knowledge. Mirah Delima Institute is a not for profit organization, with a vision and mission to uphold traditional Balinese Healing principles and support the contribution of genuine Master Healers.

We have partnered with legitimate Masters and practitioners who will ensure a professional and authentic experience. Mirah Delima masters have extensive experience in the Balinese community of spiritual practitioners and Master Healers are well respected for their specialist skills.

Contacting us will provide the opportunity to ensure that consultation and treatment options are tailored to meet your specific needs and will link you directly to an authentic experience.