Consultation Program

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The Mirah Delima Institute has developed an extensive range of treatments, journeys and programs to meet our client’s needs and expectations. We provide a basic menu of options and packages below as a starting point for your consideration. As a not for profit organization, we seek to work within your budget and maintain respectful and fair-trade pricing on all our programs and services offered. Program fees received include a percentage that also covers our administration team.

For Bali spiritual consultations at Mirah Delima, we ask that you contact us by email in the first instance ( so that we can understand your aims and provide options with our Masters that will suit your needs. We can advise on current programs and seminars on offer, or tailor a program specifically for you and your group.

We provide information about our Masters and their specialist skills for your consideration (Our Masters). We can also offer suggestions on the appropriate Master and program to ensure the right fit’  for your needs and expectations. Consultations can be provided in Balinese, Indonesian and English. Other languages may be available through a translator – either your preferred translator or MDI recommended. These services are paid direct by the client to the translator.

There are many spiritual places in Bali you may seek to discover, and you may wish to combine a range of experiences on your trip. Please visit this page for further references “Blog Individualbali“.

Remote Consultation

Generally, our services are provided face to face in Bali. For those occasions when a consultation is required remotely, we can offer assistance though our Remote Consultations Program.