Initiating Chakra

Dasa Aksara MDI

Initiating Chakra at the Mirah Delima Institute refers to the energetic system of vibrational frequencies that connect us as subtle bodies to the natural forces that abound in Bali. Our individual chakras respond to the high frequencies that are found in Bali, and can be supported to further align to ones higher purpose and wellbeing through activation and alignment by a Master Healer skilled in Chakra work.

Chakra activation, moving through blocks and Initiating Chakra energy for ones higher purposes is a skill mastered over many years and is generally acquired by those Masters and Priests born to this specialist work. The work requires discrimination and a strong intuitive sense to assess where the aspirant is currently situated and how far along the energy continuum they may be extended. Because our chakras co-ordinate so many of our spiritual abilities and functions, extending our chakra capabilities requires specialist skills with the right support and care.

If this program is of interest, please contact us for a consultation and we can provide advice on an individual treatment or program specifically developed for you. This will be based on the Masters intuitive scan for your particular level and needs. It may include advice about treatment location, as different sites are sometimes required to access energy for particular chakra activation.

Initial Consultation with Chakra Master

Before commencing treatment, the client will advise on their hopes and expectations for the Chakra journey – why they are seeking the treatment, and any problems or blocks they may have experienced. The Master at Mirah Delima Institute can then check by intuition what is needed for treatment, healing and individual activation. Following your journey with Mirah Delima, there may be other places or sacred sites in Bali that you want to travel to; please contact our management team for advice and to discuss options for your journey. For your reference please check the sacred sites in this link “Blog Individualbali“.