Spiritual Seminars and Workshops

Seminar and Workshop Spiritual

Spiritual Seminars and Workshops with our Master at Mirah Delima Institute can be a catalyst to help motivate people to unravel complex issues and blockages, empower a sense of authenticity and address problems that may be experienced in daily life. Our Masters have a great deal of experience in spiritual evolution, so they understand how to enable this development with our clients.

Some of the matters that can be addressed with our Masters include: 

  • Making sense of spiritual evolution and assisting you to undertake these significant transitions of consciousness
  • Expanding our spiritual insight and connecting with our multi-dimensionality
  • Providing tools, tips and advice to inspire the release of mental blockages, conditioned behaviors, limiting thought forms and past life karma
  • Motivating people to become a positive force for change by stepping up to be their best selves
  • Working to exceed the limiting confines of your physical being and expand your sense of the profound divinity within you

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