Mirah Delima Spiritual Healing

MDI Spiritual Healing

Mirah Delima Spiritual Healing is a remarkable way to face and overcome challenges in our lives. Regardless of how great or small our challenges may be, our quality of life can always be improved. Our Master Healers work with you to transform emotional blocks, clear limiting patterns and beliefs, and work to address ailments and integrate your healing capability through the body-mind-spirit layers and deep into the cellular level.

Mirah Delima Spiritual Healing may take several forms such as energy work, the use of traditional Balinese herbs and natural remedies, accessing healing energy directly from nature at specific sites, or the use of traditional or sacred healing artifacts; consultation with our Master Healer will identify if the client needs just one or a combination of these traditional treatments.

Initial Consultation with Master Healer

This is complex work and is based on generations of knowledge handed down directly to those with the necessary ability to integrate traditional knowledge and skills across many levels (emotional, spiritual, etheric, physical). Energy transfer can be infused directly by the Master Healer, or transferred by them at a particular place or through administering traditional natural remedies.

Our Master Healers at Mirah Delima Institute are held in high regard within their traditional communities for their skill and knowledge. Master Healers may be specialists in their field to address specific matters (for example, removing energy or blocks that are affecting a village, a place or a person), or a general healer who works with individuals to address a range of conditions.

This is a different approach and may not appear as ‘logical’ to the non-Balinese mindset. The Master Healer will open the consultation by asking the client about their condition, any problems or blocks they are experiencing and their treatment expectations and hopes for healing.

For your benefit, we ask that you keep an open mind during the consultation and allow the Master Healer to explain their findings and treatment proposal or session plan.