Collaboration & Partnership

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Mirah Delima partners with a number of private villas located in Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud and with international hotels in Bali to host special retreat and event packages. It showcase the programs and services that Mirah Delima Masters and our Advisors are becoming well know for.

We look forward to collaborating with you to build unique conferences, workshops, seminars, guest speakers and themed retreats.

We also provide options for villas and hotels to include our Master consultations, retreats and programs that will add a unique dimension to your existing room packages and can highlight what is special about your location and facilities.

Please contact us for further information info@mirahdelima.com or Whatsapp +62-81338579071

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Nestled in the rural district area of Canggu, the Bale Tokek Villa is surrounded by peace & beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta yet close enough to the upmarket shopping and famed restaurant scene of Seminyak. The Bale Tokek Villa provides a sense of privacy and a connection to the natural environment and gardens.

The Bale Tokek Villa has a very comfortable layout with 4 bedrooms and plenty of room for 8 people. Situated on 780 sq. meters of land, the Villa is spacious, airy and well designed for privacy. The spectacularly beautiful four-bedroom villa boasts a unique  blend of traditional Balinese open plan living with contemporary European designer inclusions and style.

The property is centred around a main pavilion which offers uninterrupted views of the tropical garden, L-shaped private swimming pool, and lush green rice fields and coconut trees in the distance.

A classic Balinese Gazebo is situate at the side of the property, with no traffic nearby to intrude on the  small river passing by outside. The gardens have been designed to highlight the natural environment and the traditional village temple nearby.

The staff who care for the Villa have a great reputation for their friendly & efficient support. They will ensure you receive the best of care so that you can relax and make the most of your vacation.

The Bale Tokek Villa offers a unique traditional Balinese experience with all the comfort and style of a contemporary setting within a classic Balinese natural landscape. Guests often comment that it is like staying in Ubud, without the traffic, and with the added attraction of being so much closer to the beach!

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Welcome to the Mahogany Private Villa….. Peace, tranquillity and beautiful nature as far as the eye can see the Mahogany Villa is the place to come if you are seeking to clear your head and renew your spirit; to unwind and soak up the atmosphere of ancient Balinese spirits.
It also a perfect retreat for honeymooners.

Mahogany Villa invites you to relax, get to experience Balinese food, take some sightseeing tours, and explore the daily rituals and traditions surrounding the Villa.

Founded in the traditional Balinese village of Sumita and surrounded by rural landscapes, you will see daily life unfold as farmers tend their land and villagers undertake daily rituals at their local temple. It’s real life here and this offers guests a unique and authentic village experience.

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Jendela di Bali is a unique private villa estate, in the foothills near Ubud, that delivers you from the tourist throng and offers you a window onto an ancient culture.

This is a special place for those who love artistry, value authenticity and seek serenity with style. Imagine a unique estate set along a forested gorge, at the top of one of Bali’s rare, high caste sacred villages. Nearby, rice fields create a patchwork of verdant green and gold.

With a tasteful blend of traditional Bali and Java colonial styles, Jendela di Bali offers a sense of place and spirit that sets it apart. The sounds you will hear are not those of silence. The sounds you will hear are of authentic village life: the sacred, the industrious, the ebb and flow from sunrise to sunset and, on religious occasions, evenings as well.

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Welcome To “Kubu Ampo Villa” is centrally located in North Seminyak, within easy reach of the key tourist destinations around Kuta, Denpasar – the capital of Bali province – and Seminyak, an important destination for great shopping & the famed restaurant scene. It is also within 15 minutes to Canggu – a favourite beachside destination for surfers & the Canggu Club.

The Ngurah Rai International Bali Airport and Denpasar are about 1 hour away, and many contemporary Balinese homes have been built in the North Kerobokan district because of its central location.

Kubu Ampo in Balinese literaly means a simple hut where farmers could take rest during the day. The property is situated within a local community and is well secured and private. With three bedrooms (all with king size beds), a swimming pool and extensive gardens, the home is recommended for an extended family holiday.

Kubu Ampu offers well priced accommodation with an authentic, traditional feel and access to the local community and surroundings for a unique & memorable stay in Bali. Kebu Ampu has a sister home nearby named Kubu Jepun, with a more contemporary feel & well priced for comfortable, local accommodation.

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