Social Missions


Social Missions

Mirah Delima Institute was established as a not for profit cultural and social organization on 21 June 2017 by MDI High Priest’s Ida Rsi Wisesanatha and Mr Kadek Adnyana, a qualified managing director with a management company.

Concerned that traditional Balinese cultural and spiritual values are rapidly being reduced through commercialization, the Institute founders collaborate with local groups to develop understanding and practical support in a number of ways.

Fees from MDI Master consultations & programs are returned back to the cultural & social missions that MDI directly support.

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MDI Advisors and Masters work collaboratively with local communities and professionals across Bali to share knowledge and to provide practical support. As an example, a group of MDI Masters were recently invited to join a group of allied health professionals such as Doctors and a mobile eye clinic to provide healing consultation at a remote Balinese village.

MDI also provides seminars and workshops at educational facilities to discuss topics such as motivation, contemporary management practices & social and cultural change

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  1. Annual Events Echo of Peace (Gema Perdamaian) www.gemaperdamaian.com
  2. Annual Activities Valentine Blood Donation

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MDI has a program to help support ageing traditional village healers in reduced circumstance or without family, as much of the local priest or healer and ceremony work is performed as a community duty and is unpaid.

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In selected temples & sacred sites; keris, holy temple stones and other essential sacred artifacts need to be secured and maintained to ensure safety and sacred viability within the community as more community members leave to seek work outside their birth village

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To ensure that traditional temple duties are well understood; energetic balance must be preserved and honored through regular connection, as many of these traditions are in danger of being neglected due to a focus on contemporary life and commercial activities. This activities has executed through Forum Studi Majapahit (www.forumstudimajapahit.com).

Other than that our activities is aspiring master’s program; to undertake specialist spiritual journeys within Bali for training and development purposes for aspiring Masters. With cultural and spiritual work unpaid, many talented young aspiring Masters are not in a position to undertake the costly ceremonies and initiations required to complete their training.

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By supporting the work of Mirah Delima as it gathers momentum to incorporate further retreat programs and training options for visitors to the Mirah Delima Institute.

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If you are in a position to promote the work of the MDI through referrals, or make a donation to further the Institute’s cultural and social work, please consider “paying forward” to help us keep the Bali Spirit activated for the future and to balance the commercialization that is being so fiercely promoted across Bali.

MDI is self-funding to continue its mission – we consider our guests to be part of the MDI family and appreciate your time and connection with us in sharing this journey.