Spiritual Journey

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Taking a Spiritual Journey can be a sacred contract with your soul; to visit a sacred place that holds special meaning or has a specific message to convey. You may be called to Bali for this specific reason, to access and activate specific energies available at sites that call your spirit as it continues along its journey. You may be aware of this & create your journey around this need, or it may be revealed after you have arrived in Bali.

There are many such sites across Bali which may include visits to a temple, lake, natural water spring or forest. We believe that such spiritual journey can strengthen our energy and provide opportunities to heal and align across the body, mind and spirit transitions.

Our Journey Masters hold specific links with sacred sites and locations across Bali and can tailor a spiritual journey to the places you feel drawn to. They will guide you and undertake the proper offerings on your behalf, translate the messages and impressions you receive and activate available energies at your chosen site. This can be a profound journey and is taken with the required reverence and respect for the natural forces that align across Bali on many levels.

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This is specialist work and requires consultation with our Journey Masters to interpret your specific needs and expectations. We have undertaken several such journey with our clients and understand they are deeply personal and hold specific relevance and meaning.

We will ensure we have a clear understanding of your goals and aspirations and design a program or journey accordingly. As an example, a spiritual journey may include:

  • Preparing a detailed plan and journey schedule
  • Our Master will advise the required offerings to be prepared by their assistants which are specific for the site/s you will visit
  • Accessing specific energies at the site with the client; provide activation, healing or other integrating and balancing procedures that may be required at the site
  • Maintain communication about the experiences the client is receiving
  • Sealing and protecting client energy before leaving the site

Full de-brief with the Master about the journey to provide context and guidance; answer questions and prepare a follow up plan to maintain and further develop their experience.

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