Terms & Conditions

BOOKING with Mira Delima

Initial Enquiry

Initial enquiry & bookings are made via email or through the Mira Delima website Client Enquiry Form (link here…..). We are happy to follow up via email or phone call if you have specific enquiries relating to our range of Master Consultations, Journeys & services. We can provide this enquiry support in English, Balinese or Indonesia.

Booking Acceptance

Following your enquiry, we will forward an invoice by email outlining the services you have requested. Your booking will be accepted once your deposit payment of 50% has been received by us, at least two working days (48 hours) in advance of the service. We will confirm your booking, forward a deposit receipt & confirm the details of your booking via email.

PAYMENT to Mira Delima

50% Deposit

A 50% deposit for Mira Delima Institute Master Consultations, Journeys & services (excluding regular yoga & meditation classes) must be received at least two working days (48 hours) in advance as some of our specialist Masters & team travel long distances to attend your consultation or journey. If your deposit is not received within the timeframe, the booking will be cancelled.

Change of Plans or Cancellation

Should you need to change your plans, we can transfer your booking to a more convenient time, subject to Masters availability, or refund your deposit if notification is received at least 48 prior to the service.

Please note that Deposits are non-refundable if less than 2 days (48 hours) notice is provided. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us to discuss.

Final Payment

Final payment is required prior to, or on your arrival at Mira Delima Institute for your consultation or journey. Payments can be made in USD or IDR via your credit card.

Online Payment with Credit Card

Online payment is the simplest and quickest way to make payment to Mira Delima. Please use the online link provided on your invoice. Payment takes effect as soon as the system informs us that your payment is approved. Payment is subject to a 3% credit card processing surcharge. We can only accept Visa and Master Card.

Payments by Traveller’s Cheques, other currencies or personal cheques are not accepted as we do not have the facility to manage these.


In the unlikely event that a High Priest, Master or member of our team becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond their control, we will offer an alternative High Priest or Master. We will ensure the alternative person assigned to you has the necessary skills & abilities to undertake the consultation or ceremony required.

Given that we experience a certain fluidity in Bali (one of the key aspects of Balinese culture) relating to traffic conditions, un-notified closing times at temples, the need for unscheduled family ceremonies, we reserve the right to make changes to your program to ensure you receive an equivalent experience.

Should we be unable to meet the standards or timeframes for a given booking due to critical circumstances, we will notify you within 24 hours & return your deposit in full.



Due to uncertain traffic around Seminyak, please allow enough time to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your consultation to complete our sign in procedure & to meet the Master or Journey Team. If you are unable to arrive by the start time, please notify us. We may not be able to complete the full session due to late arrivals if there is another booking scheduled after you.


Guests at Desa Di Bali Villas & those with Mira Delima bookings are welcome to visit our premises during opening hours. We provide an environment that supports healing, meditation & consultation. For this reason we advise that smoking & alcohol are not permitted on the premises, or within the temple & surrounding areas. Our staff can advise on any procedures for visiting the on-site temple & can provide the necessary ceremonial clothing (sarong & waist tie) if you do not have these with you.